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Hydraulic O.T. Tables
Electro O.T. Tables
Ortho Attachment
Operation Theatre Lights
Veterinary Table

About Us

Founded in 1980,Swastik Surgical is a well-established company in INDIA. The Industries holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most established Surgical Industries in INDIA. In the business for such a long time,we have gained a supreme knowledge in this area. Swastik Surgical Industrie's core expertise is corporate Management.

Currently,we have over 150 staff providing you the most comprehensive portfolio of equipments at the highest standard in line with the changing requirements of our corporate clients.As an illustration of this Commitment,Swastik Surgical Industries has engaged a technology upgrade program featuring a wide range of products with the best of Quality. Swastik Surgical's reputation as a highly Surgical Equipments Industries is well recognized by major Surgical industries bodies. We take great pride in our work. In fact, we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We design properly with the marketing of our Product foremost on our minds. We are not embarrassed to say that the marketing comes first and providing a reasonable return on our Product investment is a must.A Manufacturer needs to be empowering. It needs to provide value to the Customer and they Motivated to come to our Product.Then they need to motivate them to do business with you. You may have all the bells and whistles on your Business. You may want your site to be the Honest. However, we've seen many Sellers, which are awesome, but lose it in their marketing approach. In fact, in many cases ----There is no marketing approach. This is one of the primary reasons we decided to get in this business. Many one often are focused on fantastic designs or computer wizardry.We are not embarrassed to say that the marketing comes first and providing a reasonable return on our Product investment is a must. Our team's combined marketing experience is 20 years.
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