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Hydraulic Operation Theatre Tables

Swastik Surgical Industries manufactures a range of Hospital furnitures - Operation Tables. These operation tables are used in many Indian Hospitals. These tables offers the best solutions for saving time and effort. Theses tables are designed and manufactured, to ensure comfort for both the surgeon and patient. The company offers all these tables in 1 brand :- SURGISUN. The following are the main features of these OT Tables :-
  • Suitable for all Operating Positions.
  • Can be used in Chair Positions.
  • Detachable head and leg sections.
  • Electrically sealed mattress.
  • Easy movements.
  • Rust Proof.
  • All standard Accessories.
The following are the operating tables we manufactures. Click on the thumbnails to view the enlarged picture with details.
Model No. 921

Model No. 931

Model No. 951


Model No. 961

Model No. 971

Model No. 981

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